Model City Polish Nemesis Skittlette #JanuaryBeauty

Good afternoon everyone! My day has been going pretty well, I received nail mail yesterday and well…it kind of made my week! For today’s #JanuaryBeauty prompt of #mani, I decided to show you a manicure I recently created with Model City Polish Nemesis.

Model City Nemesis skittlette | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Nemesis is a green polish with gold tones and pink specks that is also holographic. Now unfortunately when I created this manicure, we had zero sun for 2 days! But be rest assured that when I show you the straight swatch of Nemesis (soon) I’ll be showing you sun shots. For now, though, will a bottle shot suffice?

Model City Nemesis | Be Happy and Buy Polish

Model City Nemesis skittlette | Be Happy And Buy Polish

So, on my pointer and pinky finger is Nemesis, with a dot of Sephora Formula X Intergalactic (swatch coming soon). Then on my middle finger is Intergalactic, and on my ring finger is Wet n Wild LAC – My Mani? – which is a matte finish but I went for a top coat and a pink circular stud.

Check out this close up of Nemesis, you can almost see the holo:

Model City Nemesis skittlette macro | Be Happy And Buy Polish

I have to say that I am really impressed so far with Model City Polish! Yup, another indie that I love! Have you ever tried their polishes? I’d love to know your favorite.

So…anyone else receive nail mail lately? Or are you someone who decided on a no-buy this year?


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41 thoughts on “Model City Polish Nemesis Skittlette #JanuaryBeauty

  1. What a pretty mani! So feminine. It’s amazing how absence of sun can change the shade of a polish. Nemesis mostly looks like a beautiful silver instead of green…unless I misunderstood!

  2. Very cute mani! I love it. Nemesis looks really pretty. I received a ton of nail mail yesterday from Startdust Polish, but waiting on the post office to get their act together. About 3-4 packages are late x.x

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