Fragrance: Bvlgari Au Thé Rouge #JanuaryBeauty

Hi everyone! I’m back with another prompt for #JanuaryBeauty and this afternoon it’s “fragrance”. I’ll admit, I own very few full bottles of fragrance – mainly because most of the time I don’t like a fragrance enough to buy a full bottle. Those little sample spritzers will suit me just fine, thank you. But the fragrance I want to show you today was a gift from a very kind friend, and it is Bvlgari Eau Parfumée Au Thé Rouge.

Bvlgari Au The Rouge | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Because my nose can’t really differentiate all different kinds of “notes” to perfumes, I looked it up and found that “Eau Parfumee au The Rouge opens with the notes of pink pepper, orange and bergamot followed by red tea and fig, while the trail is sensual and warm; harmonizing the notes of walnut and musk.” I definitely get the red tea and musky notes. It is just a great perfume that goes so well with a lot of my lotions and body scrubs.

What’s your favorite scent? Do you prefer light and fruity, or more sensual and musky?


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27 thoughts on “Fragrance: Bvlgari Au Thé Rouge #JanuaryBeauty

  1. It looks and sounds lovely. I agree with you that it is so difficult to describe fragrances. I know that I like the way Oriental scents smell on me and I usually stick with those. So I have 4 fragrances and I stick with those though I will always try a tester of a new Oriental scent.

  2. I definitely prefer light and fruity scents! I rarely wear perfume though, as everyone in my family is allergic and sometimes the fragrances can spark migraines for me. I’m still on the hunt for the perfect light scent that doesn’t irritate allergies though!

  3. I’m crazy when it comes to any kind of scents. If something has gardenia in it, I will most likely HATE it and will barf if I have to be subjected to it for a long time. I also have anything that is “clean linen” like candles or air fresheners–they will give me massive headaches and will make me want to vomit as well. I bought a few Marc Jacobs perfumes and sadly they make me sneeze the whole time I wear them so I gave them to my mom. lol One of my favorite perfumes is Kate Walsh Boyfriend and of course it’s discontinued. I only like musky/man type scents. I am seriously considering a splurge because I’m dying to get Tom Ford Velvet Orchid but it’s like over $100 for the small bottle so I’m trying to convince myself that it sucks but it just smells so damn sexy. I have his Black Orchid and dayum…Sex Panther by Odeon right there. haha

  4. I have so many perfumes that I don’t have room for any more, it’s insane. I have a hard time getting scents to stay on me, so I just keep buying more hoping I’ll find that *one* polish that is perfection. So far the only ones that work well for me are J Lo’s perfumes, surprisingly. J Lo Glow and Still. I love Victoria’s Secret Bombshell too.

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