Handbag Beauty #JanuaryBeauty

Hi everyone! How’s your lazy Sunday afternoon going? I hope you are enjoying the day! Today’s prompt for #JanuaryBeauty is “handbag beauty” and my first thought was “no way”. Because, you see, my handbags are all beat-up and in no way, shape, or form ready to be seen on the blog. But then I thought, well, I could share with you a picture of one of my makeup bags!

Handbag Beauty | Be Happy And Buy Polish

This is a pretty bag that I think I received from a freebie Target thing like 2 years ago (so you know I don’t remember any of the details!). I use this to keep all my colored lip balms and stains in. (Well, kind ofโ€ฆI have a lippie problem that’s outgrowing all my bags.)

Do you have any pretty bags that you keep your makeup in?


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12 thoughts on “Handbag Beauty #JanuaryBeauty

  1. Your make-up bag is so cute! My favorite makeup bag keeps changing but the one I use over and over is my Laura Mercier Artist Portfolio. It so huge and sturdy that I can hoard away when travelling lol!

  2. I got that bag from Target too! I use it when I travel, to hold sample sized packets of shampoo/lotion/etc. One of the few freebie makeup pouches that hasn’t ended up cluttering my closet (since I prefer to leave my beauty products loose in my purse).

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