Sinful Colors Holiday Glitters

Purchased by Me buttonGood morning, fantastic reader! I hope you are awake and ready for the weekend. My husband and kids are going out to chop down a Christmas tree in the forest, so I’m looking forward to getting things done!

Today I have four nail polish toppers from Sinful Colors. I know that three are new, and one is a re-promotes. Let’s take a look:

Sinful Colors Holiday glitters | Be Happy And Buy Polish

First up is Holiday Rebel #1382, shown over Sinful Colors Black on Black. This is a re-promote from last year (I think). I love the mix of red and green and holographic glitters here! This is 1 coat + dabbing:

Sinful Colors Holiday Rebel, Black on Black | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Next up is Galax-Sea #1498, shown over Sinful Colors Snow Me White. This is new for this year. What I thought were orange glitters in the bottle is actually iridescent glitters! Very pretty, shown here 1 coat + dabbing:

Sinful Colors Galax-Sea, Snow Me White | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Next is Twilight Twinkles #1497, shown over Sinful Colors Sugar Sugar. This is also new for this year. I’m not too excited about this glitter; yes the shards are nice, but they really aren’t my thing. Shown 1 coat + dabbing:

Sinful Colors Twilight Twinkles, Sugar Sugar | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Last is Outta Space #1495, shown over Sinful Colors Calypso. This is new this year. I can’t make up my mind whether I like this or not, I’m going to try it over different bases and see what kind of outcome I get. Shown here 1 coat:

Sinful Colors Outta Space, Calypso | Be Happy And Buy Polish

My favorite is probably Galax-Sea, I love the hexes and shards and iridescent glitters. They all work so well together. I’d love to know what you think as well!

I’m also participating in the annual holiday nails blog hop hosted by The Sparkle Queen:

If you put up a tree for Christmas, do you put a real tree up or a fake tree? I just love having a real tree in the house, though it won’t come into the house for another couple of weeks.


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7 thoughts on “Sinful Colors Holiday Glitters

  1. We put up fake trees in South Africa and we have a white one but we don’t have space to put it up this year so we are putting up my tiny green one.
    Also these glitters are yum yum! I want em

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