Fall-ing For Nail Art Challenge: Traditional Thanksgiving

Good morning my lovelies! If you’re celebrating Thanksgiving, I wish you a happy and fun day…if you’re not, well, have a happy and fun day anyway! 😉

Today’s prompt is “traditional Thanksgiving” and I started to think about what that means to me, personally. There’s nothing that says the holidays more to me than going up to my parents house and pulling out “the good dishes” and loading them up with yummy foods. So I’ve decided to do a take-off of the china pattern for my nails today:

China Plate pattern nail art | Be Happy And Buy Polish

I’ll be honest, I used so many polishes, I can’t name them all. When I stopped up at my parents’ house to take a picture of the pattern, I’ll admit that even just seeing the pattern brings back so many memories.

Let’s check out these awesome manicures:

Don’t forget our next challenge, the 12 Days of Christmas challenge is starting on December 1!

Holidays can be a hard time for many, myself included. I miss my mom so much, and every holiday that passes is another special day that her presence and her laughter is missed. For all of us who have a loved one gone around our tables, may there be peace within our souls as we continue to mourn them.


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35 thoughts on “Fall-ing For Nail Art Challenge: Traditional Thanksgiving

  1. These are lovely but my favorite part is the inspiration. It’s amazing how something as simple as a china pattern can put us right back in time. I feel the same way about one of my grandmother’s crocks that was always used for dressing and only ever for dressing. My mom has it now and every time I see it I’m transported right back to family thanksgiving and christmas dinners.

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