Rainbow Honey Petit Four swatches + review

Gift buttonGood morning everyone! I am so sorry for disappearing yesterday, it seems as if I ran out of time! My whole family was go go go from the time we got up until we all went to bed. Do you ever have days like that? It’s freaking exhausting. LOL!

Today I have a polish to show you that was a gift from the wonderful Melanie of Polish, Pterodactyls, and Penguins. Both of us were in a gift exchange for Halloween and she had drawn my name! She was so sweet in her card, and so generous in her gift to me. Anyway, this is my first rainbow honey polish called Petit Four.

rainbow honey petit four | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Petit Four is a cake yellow cream base that has a bit of shimmer with mint blue and pink coral hexes of various sizes. This is 2 coats plus a bit of dabbing; I did have a bit of trouble with the formula, it seemed a bit lumpy. I love the mix of  yellow with the blue and coral!

I’d love to know what you think of this polish, give me a holler in the comments below!


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22 thoughts on “Rainbow Honey Petit Four swatches + review

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