Verity Lite Brown + Hot Red

Press Sample buttonGood Monday morning! I am dragging this morning, how about you? I took some medicine last night that totally knocked me out and I slept in way too long as a result. Guess that means I’ll be running behind for the rest of the day.

Today I have two more Verity nail polishes to show you!ย Verity is a nail polish line sold through The Beauty Clutch; they have great prices and a great formula!

Verity Lite Brown is pretty much just that, a light brown. A pretty basic color, yes. But for the price and the quality? Yeah, this is definitely one to pick up! This is two easy coats with top coat:

Verity Lite Brown | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Verity Hot Red is a gorgeous bright red. I die for colors like this! This is also two easy coats with top coat:

Verity Hot Red | Be Happy And Buy Polish

You can pick up Verity polishes, and many more different brands through The Beauty Clutch. Be sure to also follow them on Facebook and on twitter for any upcoming sales!

Well, it’s starting to warm up here, it’s going to be at least 40 for a high through the rest of the week! How’s your weather, has winter come to your area yet?


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34 thoughts on “Verity Lite Brown + Hot Red

  1. Very pretty polishes! Winter is definitely coming (Game of Thrones fans?) here, and it’s wet and chilly. Oddly enough they’re having a rougher time of it back in Texas!

  2. The brown reminds me of caramel and who doesn’t love a good red nail polish! The weather here is supposed to be cold! High of 11 today and pretty close to that for the rest of the week. Someone remind me why I live in Minnesota again? LOL

  3. These seem like some nice polishes. They sound like they would be great for nail art! I’m super curious about who designed their bottle labels though. I’ve noticed that “Verity” is in a few different typefaces on the different bottles and it drives me crazy! Maybe that’s just me being all graphic designer crazy though haha (:

  4. Everyone needs those two colors in their collection. I know what you mean about dragging in the morning. I’ve been sick for a while and have been taking Nyquil in the evenings and it makes me so groggy in the mornings!

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