Halloween Nail Art Challenge: Halloween themed TV or movie inspired

2014 favorite button | Be Happy And Buy PolishGood morning everyone! I know yesterday I talked about movies that scared me; today for my nails I just had to do a movie that still scares me every time I watch it: It the Movie. Of course, nothing compares to the book, which took me forever to finish because I’m a big skeerdy-cat, but Pennywise the Clown played by Tim Curry was freaky as all get out!

Halloween It the Movie nail art | Be Happy And Buy Polish

I’ve used all Sinful Colors polishes for this look, too many to name, frankly. My index finger is a simple red balloon, as in the movie Pennywise taunts Richie with a red balloon. My middle finger represents Pennywise’s clown outfit; my ring finger is Pennywise (obviously); my pinky is supposed to be Pennywise’s hand on the book (that’s hard to tell though).

It’s the last day, let’s see what everyone else has done:

I hope you’ve enjoyed the challenge this time around! If you missed anything, go check out my classic orange & black, pumpkin faces, and Freddy Krueger nails. Have a great Halloween today everyone!


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32 thoughts on “Halloween Nail Art Challenge: Halloween themed TV or movie inspired

  1. Hold the phone!! THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!! I’ve seen the movie a couple times and it definitely freaked me out so I can’t say the book wouldn’t be worse! I’m hesitant to read it because I have a vivid imagination LOL. This is all sorts of amazing!! ALL SORTS! How did you make his hair?!?!

  2. I have actually never heard of this movie! I’m terrified of scary movies though so I think I will stay away from it. πŸ™‚ But your nail art is fantastic!

  3. That clown is all sorts of creepy fantasticness! I havent watched the movie since I was little but I remember it freaking me out. Only horror movie to ever actually scare me. All the others just seem too fake.

  4. This is so creepily fantastic! I’ve never watched It cause I’m such a wimp when it comes to scary movies, and I’d prefer to remember Tim Curry as Frank N’Furter from Rocky Horror πŸ˜‰

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  6. AAAaaaaaagggggggghhhHHHHHH!! Seriously so freaky! I have a love hate thing with clowns, I hate most of them but love Joker from Batman haha. This mani is outrageous!

  7. Hahahhaah the clown hair!!! You totally nailed it! I was curious what you used for the hair too, then I saw your reply on Dani’s comment. Brilliant!

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