Halloween Nail Art Challenge: Halloween Villains

Good morning, wonderful readers! This morning I feel and sound like Anne Ramsey (aka Mama Fratelli from The Goonies). I’m all hunched over because I hurt my neck sleeping, and my cold has deepened my voice to quite the manly tone. LOL! Anyway, I have Halloween Villains nail art for you!

When I was thinking of today’s and tomorrow’s prompt, one thought kept coming back to me…What movies scared me as a kid? Well, the first movie I remembered getting scared by was Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. You laugh, but I was maybe 4 or 5 and that was scary sh*t! Then I remember watching House as a kid – a little older, I think. And that was really freaky! Fast forward a few years of not watching scary movies, and one of my friends talks me into watching Nightmare on Elm Street. Well, that was a mistake! I couldn’t sleep very well for days, and I definitely couldn’t take a bath!

Halloween Freddy Krueger nail art | Be Happy And Buy Polish

So anyway, long story short, I just had to do Freddy Krueger nail art for today! I’ve used all OPI polishes for this look. The index finger is You’re So Vain-illa with Over & Over A-Gwen. I waited for the polish to tacky-dry and then pulled it every which way. (I saw this technique on the Daily Nail, but I have searched and searched her website and can’t find it again!) On my middle and ring fingers, I started with Got the Blues for Red and then freehanded stripes of Nein Nein Okay Fine on top. On my pinky, I’ve used You Don’t Know Jacques as base of the glove, then used This Gown Needs a Crown for the blades, and outlined with Black Onyx.

Halloween Freddy Krueger nail art | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Let’s see what everyone else has created for today:

Oooh, scary stuff! Well, what villains do you remember scaring you as a kid (or an adult)? Please tell me I’m not the only fraidy-cat!


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20 thoughts on “Halloween Nail Art Challenge: Halloween Villains

  1. Lol after I watched Nightmare On.., I would not answer the phone for ages for fear that a tongue would come slithering out.

  2. OMG that movie freaked me out so bad the first time I saw it! I still get shivers when I hear “One, two, Freddy’s comin for you!” Love this look though – you’ve captured him perfectly! The skin looks so gruesomely awesome, and the sweater colors are spot on. Love the details on the bladed glove. Awesome job!

  3. These are awesome! I’ve always been too afraid to see any of the movies with Freddy. Jason was horrifying enough, thank you very much. I love that skin technique too, btw. It worked out really well for a take on Freddy’s skin. I was thinking about doing it for a Halloween party, so I have the post from The Daily Nail bookmarked if you want the link.

  4. I used to watch horror movies when I was little. My dad didn’t really care what I watched and now because of that I can’t stand them!! I watched Hellraiser, Children of the Corn, Friday the 13th. You name it, I watched it! Now Mark is a huge horror movie fan and I still can’t watch them! I have my fair share of “I have to go to the bathroom!” and I run, hide, and plug my ears, ahaha!! I love the look that you did and your index finger is AWESOME!! i hope you start feeling better soon and your neck too!

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