HPB Oct. Halloween Mani Link-Up

Good morning, my spooky readers! We’re inching closer and closer to Halloween and next week I’ll have even more Halloween manis to show you! Today, though, the Hobby Polish Bloggers group decided to get together for a Halloween mani link-up! The HPB is a group for bloggers who blog casually or for fun. It’s a great resource for those who are just starting out, or for those of us who have been doing this awhile. As a group, we’ll be doing a monthly link-up and today is our first one: Halloween!

So I was trying to get inspired for this and I came across one of those skull cameos on etsy (here’s one but they’re all over the place). Anyway, I thought I would try my hand at it.

Halloween Skull Cameo | Be Happy And Buy Polish

I’ve used Jessica Sharktooth (white), Desire (red), Sunset Blvd (black), and Argon Blue. I was going to do a brocade-ish design on my pinky but kept messing it up, so I went with a saran wrap technique instead. Also, did you know that doing a skeleton in profile is FREAKING HARD?! LOL πŸ˜› It totally didn’t come out how I wanted but oh well!

Halloween Skull Cameo | Be Happy And Buy Polish

If you want to check out everyone else’s manicure, be sure to click the blue frog below:

I’d love to know what you think of my manicure today! Fail or not?


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21 thoughts on “HPB Oct. Halloween Mani Link-Up

  1. I don’t think this is a fail at all! You can definitely see what you were going for – love the idea of the skeleton cameo. And your index and middle fingers look amazing… just like gothic roses!

  2. Well thanks to you I now feel the need to purchase a gorgeous skull cameo! πŸ˜› Lol But you did a great job! Although it’s a bummer that your brocade design didn’t work out, I think the end result is much spookier and it still looks great with the overall mani! πŸ˜€ Can’t wait to try this sometime!

  3. Skull is really hard to paint! You did a good job though, I would maybe add a little bit more shading, but I know it’s easier to said than done, been there done that haha! I also love the stripes and roses, they go well with the skull πŸ™‚

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