Verity Metallic Green + Blue Stars

press sampleHeeelllllooooo you wonderful internet people out there! 🙂 I hope you’re having a great morning so far. It’s a bit dreary and cold here today (and the weatherman is saying parts of Montana could see snow later this week!). Are you starting to feel the fall weather yet? I do love fall, it’s probably my favorite season of the year.

So today I have two Verity nail polishes to show you, courtesy of The Beauty Clutch. If you haven’t heard me rave about Verity yet, let me tell you, I think they are a great polish brand! They have beautiful finishes, they self-level incredibly well, and the shine is out of this world! Oh, and did I mention the price? $3-4 for all of those benefits!

First up is Verity Metallic Green is a jewel-tone green that seems to glow from within. Great formula, it does show some lines so just have a light hand. This is 3 coats. It did dry a bit dull so I added a coat of Barielle top coat.

Verity Metallic Green | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Then we have Verity Blue Stars, a light blue shimmery polish with little tiny silver flecks. This is 2 coats:

Verity Blue Stars | Be Happy And Buy Polish

I’m going to be having more Verity polishes coming up in the next weeks, including some really great polishes for fall (*ahem Halloween orange*) and winter (a deep vampy purple, ooooh!). Don’t forget that you can order these through The Beauty Clutch; be sure to like them on Facebook for upcoming deals and collection news. I’d love to know if you’ve ever tried this brand, and let me know your favorite time of the year! 

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18 thoughts on “Verity Metallic Green + Blue Stars

  1. Blue Stars is gorgeous!!!! I really do love both though. It’s definitely starting to feel like fall around here which I LOVE!! We got some really bad storms this past weekend which brought along a “cold” front and I’m loving it!!

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