Pahlish Taking the Weather Personally

purchased myself buttonGood morning everyone! I hope you are fine and dandy today. (Fine and dandy? Does anyone ever say that anymore?) Today I have a gorgeous nail polish that was created for the Pahlish fan group on Facebook: Taking the Weather Personally.

Taking the Weather Personally is a gorgeous teal green holographic nail polish with flakes of darker green. Here it is in the sunshine, 2 coats with OPI top coat:

Pahlish Taking the Weather Personally | Be Happy And Buy Polish

I had no problems with formula – it just went on like buttah. If you’re interested in this, I’m afraid you’re out of luck unless you happen upon it in a blog sale. BUT – you should totally join the Pahlish Lovers group on Facebook! We’d love to have you! Have you ever been able to snag a group custom from an indie polish before? I’d love to know if you have!

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7 thoughts on “Pahlish Taking the Weather Personally

  1. Gorgeous color. I’m an unlucky one that will miss out on this polish since I’m not a member of the group. I didn’t even know one existed. (Just got my first Pahlish polishes yesterday) I have been lucky enough to snag group polishes from Ellagee and PANC before.

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