OPI Coca-Cola nail polish collection (partial)

purchased myself buttonGood morning! I know I’m behind with the OPI Coca-Cola nail polish collection, seeing how it came out earlier this summer, but I’ve been slowly purchasing more and more of it as I see swatches. (Nail polish addicts unite!) Click through after the collage to see my picks up close!
OPI Coca-Cola collection | Be Happy And Buy Polish

OPI You’re So Vainilla is a new favorite cream-tan polish! I did find it to be a little streaky, so this is 2-3 coats depending on the nail:
OPI You're So Vain-illa | Be Happy And Buy Polish

OPI Sorry I’m Fizzy Today is a luscious pink creme polish, and I don’t find it to be too common in my stash. Perhaps it’s because I tend not to pick up pink polishes? Who knows? At any rate, this is 3 coats:
OPI Sorry I'm Fizzy Today | Be Happy And Buy Polish

OPI Orange You Fantastic is a gritty nail polish. I don’t want to say that it’s textured, just…gritty. This is shown 1 coat over Vant to Bite My Neck (2 coats) with 2 coats of OPI top coat:
OPI Orange You Fantastic, OPI Vant to Bite My Neck | Be Happy And Buy Polish

OPI Green on the Runway is a really lovely color-shifter polish. I wasn’t sure about it initially but then I decided to get it after all (life of a nail polish addict, right?). This is shown 2 coats with top coat:
OPI Green On the Runway | Be Happy And Buy Polish

OPI Green On the Runway | Be Happy And Buy Polish

OPI Green On the Runway | Be Happy And Buy Polish

OPI Green On the Runway | Be Happy And Buy Polish

OPI Today I Accomplished Zero is a great black polish that has pink/red glitter floating in it. I did find that it dried a bit…well, not gritty but not smooth either. I see in my swatch photos that I should have done another coat of top coat. Shown here is 3 coats:
OPI Today I Accomplished Zero | Be Happy And Buy Polish

To be honest, I can’t quite pick a favorite here. I love the variety here and I’m happy with the ones I picked up. What do you think? Is there one (or two) from this collection that you think I should have bought? Let me know in the comments below!

BTW, if you hadn’t heard, my motherboard was fried yesterday morning. 😦 I’ve updated my blog sale to try to pay for a new one ASAP. I’d appreciate if you checked it out or shared that link.

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27 thoughts on “OPI Coca-Cola nail polish collection (partial)

  1. I want this entire collection, even the shades I normally wouldn’t be interested in (like the pink) — I would pick up the set of mini bottles, but it leaves out Orange You Fantastic, which I love the fall colors of!

  2. These are gorgeous. I really love the You’re so Vanilla and Sorry i am so fizzy today. Simply beautiful!!! Great swatches!

  3. I got these all in the minis, and I’ve bought my favorites in the full size. I got Orange You Fantastic (not in the mini set); Green on the Runway ; Today I Accomplished Zero (my very favorite!). I think OPI did a great job with these. I may have to get more… 🙂

  4. I’m so behind in my OPI collection. Only have Fizzy so far. Great swatches!! I till want Vanilla and Zero, not sure about the rest..

  5. wow, I love the look of Orange You Fantastic over Vant to Bite my Neck. Since the base is amber tinted, it is important to find a complementary undie polish. I just picked Vant up, so I want to try it now.

  6. Oh my. YES YES YES!! I need all of these! I never really gave much thought to the Coca Cola collection but after seeing your swatches I need them! Especially Orange You Fantastic, the combo you did with Vant to Bit My Neck makes me crave fall!!!!! Gorgeous swatches my lady!!

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