Mani Swap with Manic Talons

2014 favorite button | Be Happy And Buy PolishGood morning everyone! I hope you are ready for the day, and ready for another week. πŸ™‚ Last week sometime, Michelle from ManicTalons asked me if I wanted to do a mani swap with her. At first, I was like o.O because I’d never done a mani swap. Then she explained to me what it was (which, duh Jessica!) and I set myself loose upon her nail art category on her website.

I finally settled upon her manicure with Messy Mansion Easter plates. I just loved the image of a basket next to roses (or they kind of look like roses growing next to a white picket fence!).

Basket and Rose Nail Art | Be Happy And Buy Polish

I started off with three coats of OPI Alpine Snow, then I used striping tape in a criss-cross pattern and layered SOPI Frankly I Don’t Give A-dam, quickly pulling off the striping tape. (Uhhhh, don’t ask me how long it took to do the basket weave. Just….don’t.) I then used OPI Mod About You (light pink), Flamingo Tini-Pink (mid-toned pink), and You’re a Pisa Work (darker pink) to create the roses; OPI Green Gargantuan Grape and Green-wich Village were used for the leaves. Lastly, I topped it off with Digital Nails Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That.

Mani Swap with | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Here is all four of our manicures together! As you can see, Michelle decided to re-create my nautical mani from the OMD2 Challenge.

So what do you think? It’s not exactly like Michelle’s mani, but pretty darn close I think! Have you ever done a mani swap? Don’t forget to go over to ManicTalonsΒ to get the full details on her mani.

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