ALIQUID Lacquer Lovely Rita swatches + review

press sampleIt’s Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! 🙂 I hope your weekend is going swimmingly so far. Our weekend has been a bit cooler (thankfully). Speaking of cool – I have a beautiful green polish from ALIQUID Lacquer today called “Lovely Rita.” Let’s take a look at this polish!

Lovely Rita is part of the “Chorus of Cremes” from ALIQUID Lacquer [affiliate link], named for some of Alison’s favorite songs. When I first received this polish, I was apprehensive for two reasons: 1) Green polishes are usually stainers, and 2) Creme polishes can be streaky. Well, I have to tell  you that I’m wrong on both counts!  If every creme polish I owned could go on as smoothly and wonderfully as Lovely Rita, I would think I had died & gone to heaven. Lovely Rita also is NOT a stainer; although I only had this polish on for about 1/2 hour while I was swatching and editing photos, usually stainer polishes will do it in less time than that.

Okay, enough of my prattle! Here is Lovely Rita, in two wonderful coats (almost a One Coat Wonder though!) with 1 coat of OPI top coat:

ALIQUID Lacquer Lovely Rita | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Here is a shade photo:

ALIQUID Lacquer Lovely Rita | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Lovely Rita is available through ALIQUID Lacquer [affiliate link] for $9, along with the Two Pleasant Peninsulas polishes I’ve reviewed before. (BTW, through August 22, you get an automatic 15% off your purchase!) I could go on and on about how much I love this polish, but I will refrain. I’d love to know what you think though, so please leave a comment below!

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