Featured Blogger: Catriona from BG Polish

Featured Blogger | Be Happy And Buy PolishGood afternoon everyone! I’m part of a blogger mentor/support group on Facebook and I was matched to two great bloggers to be their mentor/support. Today I’m going to introduce you to the first blogger, Catriona from BGPolish! (The two pictures below are two of her favorite nail art looks, so please click the pics for the full blog posts.)

Catriona shared with me that it was her own experience with UK bloggers as an indie brand that really gave her the push to blog. While she started with nail art, she is now branching out into other areas of her life: books, parenting, movies, beauty, and other things that her life revolves around.

I like routine, I like order. And through my blog I have order somewhere in my life, as I don’t get much of this with an 18 month old little girl running around. I like somewhere which is mine, all mine. Where my husband can’t annoy me, where the world doesn’t disturb me. I get this from my writing.” Catriona let me know that one of the first bloggers that she read (and still does to this day) is Alicia at Fixin’ to Faff, but it can be hard for her to keep up with other blogs so her bloglovin’ is currently bursting! 

When I asked Catriona what advice she would give to other bloggers, she responded that she wants people to know to really write about what you believe in, because if you don’t, no one else will. Catriona also wanted to share that though your blog won’t be bursting with comments overnight, remember that every blog started from where a beginner was and learned as they went. “I like the quirky blogs which have little following but have amazing content. I like to be able to see the blogger behind the words.” Catriona also stressed the importance of making sure you’re available through different kinds of social media, after all, how would people find you? Also? BREATHE!

Catriona from BG PolishLastly, I asked Catriona if she were stuck on a deserted island, what would she take with her? Her response cracked me up: I originally thought laptop – but I wouldn’t get wifi so that would be pointless. Most likely mobile phone, so I could phone people to tell them to get me outta there!” 

I’d love if you said hello to Catriona here, or over on her blog: www.BGpolish.com. You can also catch Catriona on Facebook, twitter, instagram, and Google+, be sure to follow her through those platforms!

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10 thoughts on “Featured Blogger: Catriona from BG Polish

  1. Oh hai! 😉 Cat was one of the first British blogger friends I made over here and I’m so happy that her blog is starting to take flight. She definitely puts the work in and has the talent to succeed! Also thanks for the shiut out, you two!

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