OMD2 Nail Art Challenge: National Pride

Good morning! It’s Tuesday morning and I’m inhaling the coffee like my life depended on it. 😛 Today’s prompt is “national pride” and I decided to go with my husband’s family background, which is part Polish. After all, what could be better for a nail polish blog than Polish nail art? haha!

OMD2 Nail Art Poland Flag | Be Happy And Buy Polish


I’ve used OPI Alpine Snow and OPI Over & Over A-Gwen for the national flag of Poland. I was going to do traditional Polish dress, but considering I was exhausted last night, I decided to just keep it simple.

Can you believe that there are only two more prompts in this challenge? Make sure you check out the other nail art for today by clicking here. Tomorrow’s challenge is “fashion inspired”, so I’ll talk to you then,

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17 thoughts on “OMD2 Nail Art Challenge: National Pride

  1. Lol @ the polish blog and the Polish flag! This is really simple and striking. I can’t wait to see what you are doing for fashion-inspired!

  2. I love it! My husband is also part Polish (Polish and Irish) and the Polish flag was the first thing I thought of when I saw this. I have/love this polish. I got it (you’re not gonna believe this) buy one get TWO free at SmartStyle Salon (found in some Wal-Marts). They periodically have OPI polishes/sets on sale. Check it out if you have one nearby! 🙂

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