OMD2 Nail Art Challenge: Feathers

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Hi all! Are you having a great day? I hope so! Today’s prompt for the OMD2 Nail Art Challenge is ‘feathers,’ and I’m not quite sure I like what I’ve done. Let’s check it out!

OMD2 Nail Art Feathers | Jessica Cosmetics Sharktooth, Dynamite Teal, Monsoon Melon, Banana Peel, Sunset Blvd | Be Happy And Buy Polish

I’ve started out with 2 coats of Jessica Cosmetics Dynamite Teal. I freakin’ love this color! I then sponged a gradient with Dynamite Teal, Banana Peel, and Monsoon Melon. Lastly, using Jessica Sharktooth and Sunset Blvd., I created the feathers. I was trying to recreate this picture I found, but it looks nothing like that. LOL!

You can see more feathery manicures by clicking through to the link-up. Until the next time,

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