Embrace Your Geekness Nail Art Challenge: Fandoms

2014 favorite button | Be Happy And Buy PolishGood morning everyone! It’s been so hectic around here, I hadn’t had a chance to tell you about the nail art challenge that’s starting today: Embrace Your Geekness. See, July 13 is Embrace Your Geekness Day and I thought, well, why not have a nail art challenge around that? So the first prompt is “fandoms” and I’ve chosenโ€ฆ.Doctor Who!

Though I love all the Doctors I’ve met, my first love is Number 9. He’s just so dark, and almost grim, but then he laughs and says “Fantastic” and you’re just off and away with him! Obviously, I had to narrow down what I would do for nail art (yikes, how hard is that with all the Doctor Who stuff?!) and finally settled on my favorite episode (err, episodes since it’s a two-parter): The Empty Child, and the Doctor Dances.

I’ll be honest, when I first watched this episode, it freaked me out. Creepy children, talking dolls, and clowns will scareย me, every flipping time (please use this information for good, and not evil, kthnxbai). So the fact that this episode had a creepy childย that looked/talked like a doll? Yeah, I’ll just be over here having a nightmare, thanks. LOL. Okay, onto the nail art!
Doctor Who Nail Art | Be Happy And Buy Polish

So I’ve done a representation of Number 9 on my pointer finger, a TARDIS (naturally), a gas mask, and a banana (because they’re a good source of potassium ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).
Doctor Who Nail Art | Be Happy And Buy Polish

I hope you enjoyed my rendition for fandoms, so let’s take a look at everyone else’s:

Tomorrow’s prompt for this challenge is video games and I’ll still have the OMD2 Nail Art prompt for you later today, so until then…


For the Doctor, I was inspired by this poster. For the banana, I used a still photo from elleandish. For the TARDIS, I did use this post by Polish Art Addict to help me out.

23 thoughts on “Embrace Your Geekness Nail Art Challenge: Fandoms

  1. AWESOME! Love the freehand work! Yes, they’re a good source of potassium, and you should always bring a banana to a party because you might invent the banana daiquiri! It’s so cool that so many of us are DW fans, because I love seeing everyone’s nail art!

  2. These are fantastic! It always makes me smile when someone shows Nine some love! I wish I had heard about the challenge, I would’ve (unofficially) joined in. Just did some Dalek nails two days ago! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Please do join the group! You’ll be able to join us for the next challenge in August! ๐Ÿ™‚ And thank you, Nine doesn’t get enough love, in my opinion! LOL

  3. I just died!! Gorgeous! And I looooove 9th. Just, perfectly fantastic.

    Your TARDIS is beautiful! Love the banana – always : D (I did a post a while back, Always Take Skittles to a Party – bananas, skittle, Doctor Who – I love that quote about bananas and potassium!)

    Awesome mani.

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