Fourth of July Nail Art with Sally Hansen

press sampleGood morning lovelies! I hope you are ready for a safe and happy Independence Day, if you celebrate, and well…a great Friday if you don’t! I have one more nail art idea, this time with Sally Hansen.

I started off with a base of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On. Unfortunately, I think I bought a bad bottle of it at Ulta. 😦 It must have sat on the shelf and separated. A good shaking fixed that, though! Then using Chalkboard Nails’ star stencil tutorial, I sponged on Sally Hansen Triple Shine in Red Snapper and Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Water Color. Lastly, I used the dab+spread method with Sally Hansen Color Frenzy in Red White & Hue.

Sally Hansen Red White & Hue | 4th of July nail art | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Red White & Hue is a great blend of glitters in various sizes. Unfortunately, Red White & Hue doesn’t have a very pleasant smell to it while you’re applying it; even my husband remarked about it. Thankfully, it does go away once your polish is dry.  It also has just a slight pink tinge to the base.

This is a perfect manicure for today – just a tad over the top, but nobody minds because we’re celebrating! 🙂 Bonus: it hid all the mistakes I made with sponging the gradient on! If you still need ideas for your July 4th manicure, don’t forget to check out my post from earlier this week with FIVE different designs.

I hope you have a great day today. I will be back later with day four of the OMD2 Nail Art Challenge – and I hope to see you then!

14 thoughts on “Fourth of July Nail Art with Sally Hansen

  1. I thought this polish would be the same as the Sally’s one. That pink tint didn’t go well with my white base. I think it would be nicer over red. Or I just might return it to target.

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