Orly Galaxy FX Spring 2014 collection

purchased myself buttonGood morning everyone! Although, it’s almost afternoon here. I had a late night last night swatching, and then a late morning getting up!

Today I have 5 of 6 polishes from Orly’s Galaxy FX Spring 2014 collection: Starburst, Milky Way, Gravity Bound, Intergalactic Space, and Star Trooper. I was really excited about getting this collection, let’s see how each of the polishes stood up to my expectations! Each polish is shown with Beauty Secrets base & top coat.

First up is Starburst. This is 2 thin coats. The formula was thin on this but there was almost too much glitter coming off with each stroke.
Orly Starburst | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Next is Milky Way, shown is 2 thick coats. This is the one I was most excited about, it just looked so pretty in the bottle! But, unfortunately it was a pain to deal with. Thick formula, too much glitter coming off, and the sparkle in the bottle wasn’t too prevalent on the nail. I also needed to use one coat of Nail Pattern Boldness’ Glitter Food to smooth out the glitters before I used top coat.
Orly Milky Way | Be Happy And Buy Polish

This next one is Gravity Bound. I wasn’t sure about this in the bottle, and on the nail I do like it, but once again it’s a thick formula with too much glitter. This is 2 coats with a bit more dabbed on.
Orly Gravity Bound | Be Happy And Buy Polish

This is Intergalactic Space, shown is 2 regular coats. I actually really like this and the formula was good! There was no way I could get any of those bigger white circle glitters out though.
Orly Intergalactic Space | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Last is Star Trooper, shown is 2 regular coats. This was another one I wasn’t sure about in the bottle, but on the nail it is so lovely! The gold shimmer totally makes this polish.
Orly Star Trooper | Be Happy And Buy Polish

The only one I didn’t pick up was Black Hole, that one didn’t interest me at all. What are your thoughts on this collection? Have you picked up any? If you’re still looking for some, I have put up Starburst, Milky Way, and Gravity Bound on my blog sale.

Until tomorrow,

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9 thoughts on “Orly Galaxy FX Spring 2014 collection

  1. I don’t think that any of these really interest me. The only one that I kinda like is Star Trooper, but I probably wouldn’t purchase it. I feel like it’s been a while since Orly came out with something I really wanted.

    • Right?! That’s why I was so disappointed with Milky Way – I really wanted to love it! I didn’t get the new Blush collection because some of the colors seem really pretty, I’m just hoping to not be bitterly disappointed again. haha!

  2. I like Starburst, but these days I have been bypassing store polishes for Indies. I just don’t see anything new and intriguing from the drugstore polishes. I might give this one a try though as I like the pretty pastel spring colors.

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