A Personal Note

Tomorrow marks the third anniversary of my mother’s death. I’ve written about my mom before on this blog:

My mom, Lucy, died suddenly in March 2011, and all of my family felt her death keenly. My siblings and I have all struggled to some degree or another with her death. I was very close to my mom, and still struggle and miss her every day. She taught me so much about what it is to be a mom, a strong woman, and a woman of faith – lessons that I still try to integrate in my every day life. My mom had a great sense of humor, and you always knew she was up to something because she had a sparkle in her eye – if you were lucky enough, she’d loop you in. And though I didn’t see it very often, my mom had a temper too – one that blew you over and left you feeling a little guilty that you provoked it (yes, I might have done that once or twice ;) ).

This is obviously a very emotional day/week for me, and for my family. If you feel so inclined, please spare a thought or a prayer for my family, I would appreciate it for sure. But in an effort to remember her, and not be so depressed, I’ve decided to do Random Acts of Kindness in her honor. I’ll be photographing them, and hash tagging them #RAK4Lucy. I would be honored if you, my readers, could complete one RAK and share it with me by email (behappybuypolish – AT – gmail DOT com) or post it on my Facebook page.

Thanks, dear readers. It means more to me than I’ll ever be able to tell you.


15 thoughts on “A Personal Note

  1. I lost my mom in 1980 suddenly also from an undiagnosed medical condition. All I can say is it does get easier with time. I missed her like crazy for a good 10 yrs with a lot of longing and morning in my heart – but somewhere around that 10 yr mark, it changed a whole lot for me to a different note that was more uplifting in my memory and placement of her in my life’s times. Pax (Peace in Latin ‘case you didn’t know)

  2. I know it’s very hard to cope with the loss of a loved one .. I too lost my father and it had been almost 6 yrs since I met him last .. So I too have this restlessness… I hope god gives u strength and courage to face this difficult time..

  3. I lost my mother 12 years ago to cancer and I still feel the loss every day.
    I miss her tremendously but over the years instead of feeling loss, I feel support. There are so many times I will smile and think “this reminds me of her/I know what she would say in this situation”. At the beginning, it made me more sad because she was no longer physically here but now I am grateful her memory is still alive.
    While this is slightly disheartening because I never forget, I know the reason she is always with me is because she did a wonderful job as a mother: she taught me, shared with me, cared for me, and was a positive presence in my life.
    I know words of condolences do not help the pain but I hope you find comfort and peace in your memories because it means you have an extremely strong relationship/connection with her. (At least, this is how I see it )

    • I just wanted to thank you for your comment. Every day, the immediate pain is felt a little less keenly, which is heartening. The memories I have of the time we shared together are what warms my heart on days when the pain is fresh. Thank you for your kind words. ❤

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