Glisten & Glow HK Girl Fast Drying + Super Shiny topcoat review

press sampleGood morning everyone! It’s a beautiful Wednesday morning and I am in such a spring mood! I have to relate a funny/painful story about how I injured myself yesterday. I was swatching polishes because the sun was finally shining and I had some holos to photograph. The snow was melting off the roof and dripping – so as I went outside (and came back inside), I kind of ducked my head to avoid drips. Well, on my way back inside one time, I jammed the lower part of my shoulder blade against the screen door latch. OUCH!!! You shoulda heard me holler! LOL. And since I bruise if someone barely pokes me, you should see the bruise on my shoulder blade this morning. Yes, I injure myself when I swatch polishes! LOL

Today I have a review of Glisten & Glow’s HK Girl Fastdry + Super Shiny topcoat. If you’ll notice, I’ve been using this topcoat in my swatch pictures and nail art lately. (I’m interspersing some photos throughout this post.) Click through to read more!

I’d like to briefly address each of the claims made about HK Girl on the Glisten & Glow website:

• Intense shine – crystal clear formula that applies smoothly, leaving a glass like appearance 

Although I don’t find HK Girl any shinier than other top coats at first, I do find that over the life of my manicure, it stays shinier than other top coats do.

Jessica Sharktooth, Jessica Dynamite Teal, Jessica Ocean Bloom | Be Happy And Buy Polish

• Fast drying – approx 1-2 minutes often less and your nails will be dry, as time passes it will dry more within 5 minutes or so it’s rock hard! 

This claim, in my experience stands up. It does dry very fast; I would say that manicures are still (what I call) “bump-able” within 5 minutes but after about 7-10 minutes, they are hard. This is no easy feat when you have sometimes 7 or 8 layers of polish on! Compare this to Color Club 0-60 fast dry top coat, which is still “bump-able” within 10 minutes, and sets for sure at about 15 minutes.

• Durable, long lasting nature – customers boast that manicures last 5-7 days with little to no tip wear or chips.

In my experience, if I can make it to day 5 on a manicure (not that easy for me, any more!), I have slight tip wear and maybe one or two chips. But, for pedicures, it’s a different story. I can get 2 weeks on my pedicures with no chipping and just very slight tip wear when I use HK Girl.

• Holographic polishes love it! – Holos will not dull, in fact they are even intensified 

I would not say that holos are intensified, but they definitely are not dulled by HK Girl.

KBShimmer Whole Lava Lovin | Be Happy And Buy Polish

• Smoothes and seals glitter polishes – 1-2 coats and glitters are tamed/smooth and without jagged edges sticking up. 

In my experience, I would say that if I don’t use Nail Pattern Boldness’ Glitter Food (a must-have for helping nail down glitters), I would have to use 2-3 coats of HK Girl to get the glitters to stay down.

• Adds extra shine to all nail lacquer – it can make a matte polish or a textured polish shiny. Cremes, jellies, crellies, shimmers, metallics etc are all left with that glossy glass like shine 

Yes, definitely, all my manicures are glossy with HK Girl, and stay shiny over the course of my manicure.

Jessica Cosmetics Starfish Glow | Be Happy And Buy Polish

• No Shrinkage! – G & G HK Girl top coat doesn’t cause any shrinkage

I have never had any shrinkage when I’ve used HK Girl!

• Can be used with nail lacquer that is tacky or dry

This claim holds true for me! 🙂

• Even consistency throughout the whole bottle – no extra thickness or gloppyness

I guess I would have to disagree slightly on this point. Every bottle of HK Girl I’ve had has gotten gloppy in the last 1/4 of the bottle. This is still much better than any other quick dry topcoat that I’ve used, though, as all the rest usually get gloppy at least 1/2 through the bottle. Nail polish thinner does help slightly.

• Nail Art/Nail Stamping friendly – once nail art/stamping is nearly dry it won’t smear or smudge

Though I don’t do any nail stamping, I do plenty of nail art. My go-to choice for top coating nail art manicures is HK Girl.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this review of Glisten & Glow HK Girl top coat. For an even fuller review, The Mercurial Magpie did a very in-depth review that can be read here. (I’ve included Kirby’s link because I followed her same format that she used in her review – giving credit where it’s due, ya know. 😉 )It can be purchased at the Glisten & Glow website for $6.95 + tax. You can also keep up with them on twitter, Facebook, and instagram.

Edit: I forgot to add that HK Girl can have a strong smell to it. I usually only notice it when it’s a fresh bottle, and in my experience lessens as I go through the bottle. For me, that isn’t a deal-breaker, but it may be for you.

All in all, I am very satisfied with HK Girl! I’d love to know your thoughts, and what top coat you use. Don’t forget that Thursday starts the Get Lucky Nail Art Challenge and click here to enter my Incoco giveaway!

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8 thoughts on “Glisten & Glow HK Girl Fast Drying + Super Shiny topcoat review

  1. Great review. I’ve been toying around with the idea to do a comparison/review post on the top coats I have used and some that I am still using.

  2. Almost all top coats I have tried so far have smeared fully dry stamping with the Konad specials even a day later. I’ve pretty much stopped applying top coat over stamping 😦

    • I’ve been using HK Girl since June 2013, it barely evers smudges stamping. If it does, it’s the polish’s fault, not the topcoat (some polishes will always bleed, I have a black one that does). You should definitely try this one, it will make your stamping last much longer!

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