Incoco Nail Polish Strips Review & Giveaway

press sampleGood morning everyone! 🙂 It’s a beautiful Saturday morning here in Montana – the sun is shining, birds are chirping, and I could not be more hopeful for spring! Today I have a review of Incoco Nail Polish Strips and an Incoco-sponsored giveaway.

I’ve seen reviews on these nail polish strips around the blogs but I was always pretty skeptical. I mean, I’m a stay at home mom, so between kids, laundry, dishes, showers/baths, and other housework, I’m actually pretty rough on my nails. Let’s take a look at one of the designs I chose, and after the photos, I’ll tell you my thoughts.

The strips come packaged like so:
Incoco Nail Polish Strips | Be Happy and Buy Polish

There are instructions on the package, as well as inside the package:
Incoco Nail Polish Strips | Be Happy and Buy Polish

There are plenty of strips for different sizes of fingernails or toenails, and extras as well. One thing that surprised me to find out (though I don’t know why) is that these strips are made from real nail polish.

One of the designs I chose was this perfect-for-spring Cherry Jubilee Design:
Incoco Nail Polish Strips Cherry Jubilee | Be Happy and Buy Polish

I did have a bit of trouble when I was filing the excess off, but someone told me to file down, and not across. That worked better for my other hand!
Incoco Nail Polish Strips Cherry Jubilee | Be Happy and Buy Polish

I tested this out on my nails for 4 days (I’ll be honest, any longer than that and I’m getting twitchy about changing my nails). I was purposely pretty tough on my nails – I think each of the kids had baths, my own daily showers, doing dishes (we have no dishwasher), etc. I had the barest of tip wear after the 3 days, and no lifting or peeling at the edges. I am really impressed! I think these would be perfect for vacations where you don’t really want to worry about doing your nails; or if you’re in a profession where you’d rather not worry about your nails all the time but still would like them to look nice.

Incoco would also like to let one of my readers try these out for themselves! Click the rafflecopter link for how to enter, as well as the giveaway rules. (One of the entries is to peruse the Incoco website and pick out your favorite design, then comment here with your choice.)

ENTER BY CLICKING HERE —->a Rafflecopter giveaway

The winner will be selected on March 16. The prize is your choice of any one style of Incoco nail polish strips & free shipping. This is open to U.S. and Canada readers. Prize will be mailed directly from Incoco.

What do you think about this design and Incoco? Have you tried them out before? I’d love to know your thoughts! Until tomorrow,

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37 thoughts on “Incoco Nail Polish Strips Review & Giveaway

  1. They are all so pretty. I love that they seem very durable! It’d be worth a shot for me (you know how rough I am on my hands. lol)

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