OPI Swatch Spam – Blues

purchased myself buttonGood morning everyone! Are you ready for your weekend? I don’t know why I’m excited, but I am! πŸ˜›

Today I’m showing more of my OPI purchases from the past few weeks. I’ve ended up with 20+ (all on really really screaming deals), so I’ve decided to divide them up by color and try to continue swatching and showcasing them on the blog.

First up is OPI Dating a Royal, showing here in 1 thin, 1 thick coat. This is jelly-ish, it’s just not quite sheer enough for a jelly sandwich. It’s topped by OPI top coat:
OPI Dating a Royal | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Next I’ve used OPI Better Be Blue, 1 thick coat, over Dating a Royal; with A Girl Obsessed Matte-ict top coat. This reminds me of iridescent bubbles. I love this look!

Edit: Arathael alerted me in the comments that this one might be a fake OPI – fake for OPI Last Friday Night. Unfortunately, that happens, and while I’m disappointed, I still love this one. If I had Last Friday Night, I’d compare the two, but I don’t. 😦 Edit #2: Someone in the Hobby Polish Bloggers group passed along this link, that this is possibly still a genuine OPI, just renamed to avoid copyright/lawsuit issues with Katy Perry.
OPI Better Be Blue | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Next is OPI Into the Night, 1 thin, 1 thick coat, topped by OPI topcoat. I know my skin looks weird, but this is the only way I could get a mostly color-accurate photo!
OPI Into the Night | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Last is OPI RoadHouse Blues, 2 regular coats. I love a good creme polish, and this is no exception! This is a great midnight blue polish. I’m totally in love! (ummm, why did I wait so long to buy this again?!)
OPI Road House Blues | Be Happy And Buy Polish

What are your thoughts on these four? Do you have a favorite? I definitely love Better Be Blue, and RoadHouse Blues. Tomorrow, I have The Devil Wears Polish Chromantic and a giveaway, so check back with me then!

16 thoughts on “OPI Swatch Spam – Blues

  1. The second bottle, the glitter, is called Better Be Blue? I can’t find this polish name in an Internet search…I checked because I thought that polish looked like Last Friday Night. And because you said something about deals…I keep seeing stuff about fake OPIs and can’t help but wonder if some of my OPIs that were deals are fake….

  2. Oh darn! It is such a pretty glitter! I’ll look around more, But I think it *might* be a fake. I saw the Last Friday Night on SALE (clearance) at Ulta for 4.99 today! So if you have an Ulta by you I would try that! Beautiful blues! Can’t wait for more! ❀

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