Week of Love Nail Art Challenge: Freestyle

Good morning all! The last day of the challenge! 🙂 Today’s skittlelette nail art is inspired by the clothing worn by both Ke$ha and Pitbull in the video for “Timber”.
Valentine's Day Nail Art

For my thumb and pinky I’ve used 2 thin coats of Orly Star of Bombay. On my ring and pointer fingers I’ve used 3 thin coats of Orly Peaceful Opposition, laid down striping vinyls, and painted Orly Passion Fruit on top, quickly pulling up the striping vinyls. On my middle finger, I used Orly Star of Bombay to create the heart, then filled in the spaces with Passion Fruit.
Valentine's Day Nail Art

What do you think of this look? I love that it’s a bit edgy and fun! What are your favorites that I’ve done from this week: candy hearts, kisses, roses, hearts, or today’s?

Let’s see what everyone else has done for the last day of the challenge:

Let’s groove to “Timber”:

I hope you’ve enjoyed this Week of Love! Plans are already in the works for a “Get Lucky Nail Art challenge” for St. Patrick’s weekend! Until tomorrow,
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11 thoughts on “Week of Love Nail Art Challenge: Freestyle

  1. I was just listening to that song and I initially had no idea that it was Ke$ha. Derp. Derp. I love that song cause it just makes you want to get up and DO stuff. lol You guys did so many awesome manis. Too bad I was a ball of stress this week and totally flaked out. 😦

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