A Girl Obsessed Matte-ict topcoat and Cuticle Oil

press sampleGood morning everyone! I hope that you are staying warm this morning, it is -22 here with “real feel” of -52. So I will definitely be hibernating this morning!

Today I’m showing off my new favorite matte-effect topcoat: AGO Matte-ict. The effect of this topcoat isn’t “chalky” like essie matte about you, it seems like a mix between that and a waxy topcoat. I absolutely adore it though! Here is one coat of Matte-ict over AGO Berries & Cream:
A Girl Obsessed Berries & Cream | Be Happy And Buy Polish

One coat of Matte-ict over AGO Berry Mojito:
A Girl Obsessed Berry Mojito | Be Happy And Buy Polish

I also received for review AGO’s new Sweet Nectar cuticle oil in Sangria. The scent is divine – a bit of spicy grape. But it isn’t overwhelming to my sensitive nose either. It comes in a tube, like a lip gloss would come in, with a long handle and a doe-foot applicator. At first, I wasn’t sure how I would like it, but it turns out that it’s genius! The doe-foot allows there to be enough oil on it to do all four fingers & thumb on one hand (without spilling a drop!).
A Girl Obsessed Sweet Nectar cuticle oil | Be Happy And Buy Polish

The staying power of the cuticle oil is impressive as well. Before bed, I usually lotion my hands and then apply cuticle oil. When I did this with Sweet Nectar cuticle oil, I woke up the next morning with wonderful smelling hands and cuticles that weren’t dry at all! I’ve been using this every night for the past five days, and here are my nails & cuticles this morning:
A Girl Obsessed Sweet Nectar cuticle oil | Be Happy And Buy Polish

I’m in the midst of testing AGO Magpie Shine (shiny topcoat), and when I’m done testing that, expect a review! Make sure you check out the pretties at A Girl Obsessed etsy shop, and keep up with her on facebook,Β instagram,Β and twitter.

What are your thoughts about the matte-effect topcoat, and the cuticle oil? I’d love to know! Until the next time,

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21 thoughts on “A Girl Obsessed Matte-ict topcoat and Cuticle Oil

    • You know, I first started off loving Seche Vite topcoat. Then I really liked Glisten & Glow’s HK Girl top coat (which I still do!). I do like Vapid Lacquer’s Quick Dry topcoat. I am testing out A Girl Obsessed Magpie Shine, so we’ll see if that will become my new favorite! πŸ™‚

      • I have found a seche vite around six dollars which is just the bottle like a polish, how is that different than a $10 one in the box packing? And I have heard that it causes shrinking of the polish around the tips.. Currently I am using the topcoat from Sephora formula X series.. Besides little shine it doesn’t really do much… 😦

        • I don’t think there is a difference – someone might correct if I’m wrong though. I found a bit of shrinkage with Seche, that’s why I switched to HK Girl. That stuff wears like iron, but I think it’s only 2-free? Not sure. Like I said, I’m testing out AGO Magpie Shine to see how the wear & tear on that is going to be. πŸ™‚

  1. Just reading -52 made me shiver. How can anyone even function when it’s that cold? Uhmm…just stay inside where it’s toasty, I guess. This looks like a pretty cool top coat. I’ve had essie matte about you for over a year and it has gone completely bad. It’s like solid. Weird. I am not sure if that’s normal or not, but I have so many other matte top coats now that I guess I can toss it. hehe

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