ellagee nail polish: Black Hills Gold

press sampleGood morning everyone! I apologize for the lack of posting yesterday. I attended a funeral yesterday morning (an acquaintance’s father), and I just didn’t realize how much mental/spiritual energy I’d expend. As a consequence, I was just exhausted yesterday. (I didn’t even swatch the new OPI Gwen Stefani collection I picked up!)

Today, though I have a wonderfully sparkly pretty called Black Hills Gold from ellagee! Laura has come out with a new collection called “Bejeweled”, “blindingly, sparkly, texture polishes.” They definitely live up to that claim! I have three to show you, but since I have so many pictures, I’ll have them in three different posts.

All three that I received for review have the same formula: a little on the thick side, but still easy to work with. I used 3 thin coats for each polish, letting each coat dry well before apply the next coat. The texture on these isn’t rough like OPI Liquid Sands, but it isn’t as smooth as the Mentality Luxe Glass Texture collection. It’s almost like Zoya Pixies in terms of texture.

These first pictures are without topcoat:
ellagee polish Black Hills Gold

ellagee polish Black Hills Gold

With flash, no topcoat:
ellagee polish Black Hills Gold

This polish definitely reminds me of Black Hills Gold jewelry (click here if you want to compare for yourself). The way the rose, the gold, and the darker glitters combine, create this great match-up.

These next photos are with 2 coats of OPI top coat:
ellagee polish Black Hills Gold

ellagee polish Black Hills Gold

With flash:
ellagee polish Black Hills Gold

Deliberately blurry:
ellagee polish Black Hills Gold

As you can see, with topcoat gives the sparkly bits a little bit more of a center stage, but it is absolutely gorgeous without topcoat as well. What are your thoughts about this polish – let me hear it in the comments!

You can find the Bejeweled collection here at ellagee.comΒ for $10 each (well worth it!), and you can keep up with ellagee on her facebook page, instagram, and twitter.


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18 thoughts on “ellagee nail polish: Black Hills Gold

    • You know, I just checked her FAQs, and here’s what it says:
      US/APO: First item: 3.25, Each additional item: .75
      Canada: First item: 8.00, Each additional item: 1.00
      European Union: First item: 12.25, Each additional item: 1.00
      Please contact me for other locations and I’ll get back to you with a shipping rate for your area.

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