L’Oreal Gold Dust nail polish: Sexy in Sequins

purchased myself buttonGood morning all! Is it just me, or do weathermen (people?) just suck at their jobs? We were told to expect up to 9 inches of snow, starting today through Monday. Yeah, well here it is Saturday morning and no snow in sight! Now, I’m not really complaining, but my husband busted his ass yesterday to get the tractor working in order to plow all this non-existent snow.

Well, on to some polish this morning! I’m continuing the reviews of L’Oreal’s Gold Dust nail polish line. After the disappointment of Hidden Gems, we can only go up from here, right? So today, I present to you: Sexy in Sequins!

The first three photos here are without topcoat. I’ve used two coats of Sexy in Sequins, and no problems with formula or application.
L'Oreal Sexy in Sequins

Once again, the dark side of the polish kind of overwhelms the sparkle in the polish, as it did with Hidden Gems. It’s not quite as bad, though.
L'Oreal Sexy in Sequins

You can also see a really pretty blue/purple sparkle in this polish. I wish there was just a bit more!
L'Oreal Sexy in Sequins

These last three are with 3 coats of topcoat (once again, I’m running low on Glitter Food, otherwise I would have used that).
L'Oreal Sexy in Sequins

I only wish that the topcoat would have brought out those red sparkles just a bit more – that would have really punched up this polish to a whole ‘nother level!
L'Oreal Sexy in Sequins

L'Oreal Sexy in Sequins

Sexy in Sequins, in my opinion, is very sexy! This one, out of the three I bought (Hidden Gems and Too Dimensional being the other two) is the one that looks the best with topcoat. The depth and sparkle are just fantastic! What are your thoughts on this? Are the weather people in your area a bit more reliable than ours seem to be? haha! ๐Ÿ˜›

12 thoughts on “L’Oreal Gold Dust nail polish: Sexy in Sequins

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  2. I am obsessed with this line. Sexy in Sequins and Hidden Gems are my favorite and, thus far, Sexy in Sequins is the most beautiful polish I have ever, ever seen. I cannot stop staring at my nails!!

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