L’Oreal Gold Dust nail polish: Hidden Gems

purchased myself buttonGood afternoon! 🙂 I hope you’re having a great day so far!

Today I have for you a review of L’Oreal Gold Dust nail polish in Hidden Gems. I have to say, out of the three I bought (Too Dimensional and Sexy In Sequins are the other two), this is the one I wanted most and was the most disappointed in! 😦 In the bottle, there is a gorgeous shift of blue teal to purple, but on the nail, it is totally lost. Let’s take a look!

These first three pictures are without topcoat. I’ve used 2 coats of Hidden Gems, and had no problems with application or formula.
L'Oreal Hidden Gems

Hidden Gems is a bit thicker formula than the other two. This is also the only one I tested for wear over a day (remember, though, I’m a SAHM with no dishwasher!). It wore fine, just the very teensiest of wear on the tips (after doing dishes, laundry, general cleaning, and taking a shower).

You can see the color shift just slightly at the edge of my nails in the picture below:
L'Oreal Hidden Gems

L'Oreal Hidden Gems

These next pictures are with 4 COATS of topcoat. Can I just say “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” I would have used nail pattern boldness Glitter Food, and then topcoat, but alas, I’m running perilously low on that.
L'Oreal Hidden Gems

L'Oreal Hidden Gems

L'Oreal Hidden Gems

This last picture is the only one I took with flash, and it’s the only way to see the sparkle. This is not true to life, because that sparkle did not want to show up at all.
L'Oreal Hidden Gems

I really, really, really wanted this one to work, because in the bottle it is so dang pretty! But on the nail, the dark background completely overwhelms the sparkle and the color shift. 😦 What do you think of Hidden Gems? Have you picked up any of these Gold Dust polishes yet? Let me know in the comments!


10 thoughts on “L’Oreal Gold Dust nail polish: Hidden Gems

  1. I have a couple of the purple ones from this collection. I wanted “Too Dimensional?” but it was always gone. This one did look pretty in the bottle, but yeah it doesn’t translate to the nail the same, even with topcoat. I guess black (and white) textures are tricky, few turn out great… (black Essie Belugaria and white China Glaze There’s Snow One Like You)

    • Oh my gosh, essie belugaria and CG There’s Snow One Like You were, ummm (how do I say it nicely) not anything I’d ever want to buy. LOL! Too Dimensional is lovely and I’ll have it on the blog soon!

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