12 Days of Xmas Manis: Christmas Trees

Good (almost) afternoon everyone! I’m having a late start to my day, because instead of doing this nail art last night like I was planning, I was busy freaking out and having an anxiety attack. So, no bueno. But, this morning was better as doing my nails usually relaxes me! πŸ™‚

Today I confess: I’ve cheated a bit for today’s nails. haha! Growing up, we didn’t always have a tree for Christmas, and usually when we did, it was definitely a Charlie Brown tree. Same for my husband; and although he prefers Charlie Brown trees now, I prefer huge full Christmas trees. So I’ve done a scene from a Charlie Brown Christmas, which you can view here.

Charlie Brown Christmas

I’ve used Color Club Williamsburg for the sky, OPI Alpine Snow for the snow (naturally), OPI Black Onyx for outlining, Milani Dark Coffee for the tree and Charlie Brown’s hat, Color Club Wild Cactus for the green on the tree, Zoya Carmen for Snoopy’s house, OPI My Vampire is Buff for Charlie Brown’s skin, and OPI Yodel Me On My Cell for Snoopy’s hat.
Charlie Brown Christmas

Close-ups of each nail:
Charlie Brown Christmas

Charlie Brown Christmas

Charlie Brown Christmas

Charlie Brown Christmas

I see a forest of trees, trees, everywhere trees:

What do you think about my nails today? I admit, they aren’t my best work, but I still like them. Don’t forget to enter the Hobby Polish Bloggers Winter Giveaway!! Until the next time,
Be Happy and Buy Polish



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19 thoughts on “12 Days of Xmas Manis: Christmas Trees

  1. This is the most adorable manicure! I love it. I wish you lived next door to me, I would have you paint this on my nails too. You are very talented.
    I didn’t even put up my Christmas tree this year, it takes up a lot of space now that we are in an apartment but I did buy (and am managing to still keep alive and looking good) a Norfolk Island Pine tree and it has little red bows tied on it and looks very festive and it’s my first live Christmas tree.

    • Thank you so much Cindi! I would definitely do your nails for you! πŸ™‚ I hear you on the small spaces – our house is teeny! My husband and kids actually went and cut down our own tree this year – a small and sparse pine! I bet your live tree looks great, it sounds pretty! πŸ™‚

  2. I love that you pick such different ideas for the “norm” topics! I love the way you think!

    And what an awesome mani! I love the tree! I’ve always loved the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree!

  3. The Charlie Borwn Christmas tree always makes me smile because it reminds me of Christmas when I was little and still believed in all the magic. You did an amazing job recreating it on your nails. Thanks for the flashback and Merry Christmas to you =)

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