12 Days of Xmas Manis: Holly

Good Sunday morning everyone! I hope your weekend has been wonderful so far. 🙂 I’m ready for a relaxing day today, and I hope you will be relaxing as well!

Today’s mani challenge is “holly.” Holly is kind of that ubiquitous and slightly vague holiday decoration that I don’t understand, haha! 😛 To be honest though, the first thing I thought of was the Ghost of Christmas Present from the movie “A Christmas Carol” (1984 version with George C. Scott, i.e. the best version ever, with “Scrooged” and the Disney version coming right after). I kept seeing his crown of holly and his ginormous robe (and let’s be honest, who could forget that bare chest?):

So for today’s mani, I decided to use that color scheme for my nails (okay, not the bare chest part, but everything else). I’ve used Wet N Wild Poison Ivy on my pointer and pinky fingers; WnW A Blank Canvas on my middle and ring fingers; then used Poison Ivy and WnW Haze of Love for the holly crown & berries.
Wet n Wild Poison Ivy, Wet n Wild A Blank Canvas, Wet n Wild Haze of Love

Wet n Wild Poison Ivy, Wet n Wild A Blank Canvas, Wet n Wild Haze of Love

Wet n Wild Poison Ivy, Wet n Wild A Blank Canvas, Wet n Wild Haze of Love

What do you think? Those holly berries were way brighter close up, I swear! 😛 I really love this mani, I think it is a classy way to do a holiday manicure.

Let’s see what everyone else has done for today:

Later today I’ll have another set of Advent nails, but until then,
Be Happy and Buy Polish

10 thoughts on “12 Days of Xmas Manis: Holly

  1. I like how dark poision Ivy is with this manicure. In your pics it almost looks black and reminds me of those vinyl wall decals everyone is crazy about. (I mean that in a good way) Almost like you did a sillouette of the holly and thats pretty cool and different from the other manicures.

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