Floss Gloss Nail Polish Review

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Good morning all! I hope your week is going alright – mine feels like it is positively flying by. I guess it helps when you’re so busy, you don’t notice the time passing. πŸ˜‰

Today I have for you some lovely Floss Gloss nail polishes! I bought 3 of these during their Cyber Monday sale, and received one as a free gift with purchase. I adore Floss Gloss’ style, their unique polishes, and their sense of humor.

First up is Faded – as in the color of faded tattoo ink. πŸ˜‰ Now I’m not going to compare them to my tattoos, so no worries there. But it definitely reminds me of faded tattoos. It’s got this great blue yet green yet grey color going on. Formula was thin, so definitely be careful around your cuticles. Shown is 2 coats with an extra dab here and there to cover any bald patches.
Floss Gloss Faded

Next is Party Bruise – as in the color of the mysterious bruise that appears after a party. It’s a great dark purple that has a dash of grey in it. Now, I should be an expert in this kind of bruise – okay maybe not the party part, but definitely the bruise that shows up out of nowhere and you’ve no idea where it came from! The formula on this was also thin. Shown is 2 coats with an extra dab here and there. I should note that when I went to remove this polish, I did have a bit of weird blue staining around and on my nails.

Lightbox, no flash:
Floss Gloss Party Bruise

Lightbox, with flash:
Floss Gloss Party Bruise

Then we have the color I’ve been lusting after for…well, since I found Floss Gloss – BritBrit2000 – the color of Britney Spears’ outfit at the 2000 VMAs. This is a great nude color with sparkle – though the sparkle isn’t uniform on the nail so if you don’t want random, you’ll need to put down a few coats. Shown is 3 coats. I admit, I prefer it matte-fied, rather than shiny.

Lightbox, no flash, with Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter Food topcoat:
Floss Gloss BritBrit2000

Lightbox, no flash, with HK Girl Topcoat:
Floss Gloss BritBrit2000

Last is the polish I received as a GWP, Stun. This is a gold, holographic glitter, and it’s amaze-balls. Yes, dear reader, I went there. This is a freakin’ must have polish, in my opinion. I wore this over Party Bruise, in 2 coats – yes 2 coats! Okay, with a dab here and there to cover bald spots. Believe me, it was 10 times sparklier in real life than my photos. And check out that holo-y goodness!

Lightbox, no flash:
Floss Gloss Stun

Lightbox, no flash:
Floss Gloss Stun

Lightbox, flash:
Floss Gloss Stun

Before I go, I thought I’d show you how large the brush/handle is. It’s a wee bit small and a little hard to grip. Here it is compared to a standard size of nail clippers:

Floss Gloss brush size

What do you think of these Floss Gloss beauties? They are all available at flossgloss.com, $8 for 5.5ml. My picks from these four would have to be Stun and BritBrit2000. I can’t wait to pick up more of these lovelies in the future!

Later today I will also have some nail art featuring 3 of these beauties!

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