12 Days of Xmas Manis: Decorations

Good morning everyone! I hope you are ready for the day! Can you believe it is only 2 weeks away from Christmas Day? Ahh! Crazy time! I have cleaned my house from one end to the other so at least I’m prepared for any unexpected company.

So not to add to any stress, but how about some holiday decorations on my nails? I knew what I wanted to do – Christmas stockings – but it took me forever to decide on a background for them. I (finally!) decided to use Pahlish Slow Like Honey and YouPolish I’m Worth It (glitter).
Pahlish Slow Like Honey, YouPolish I'm Worth It

Pahlish Slow Like Honey, YouPolish I'm Worth It

Isn’t this just the bees knees?! šŸ˜› I really really liked this, I was almost loathe to cover it up with nail art. But, since I was trying to complete these challenge nails, I knew I had to keep going. I then used FingerPaints Red-Brandt for the stockings, Wet n Wild A Blank Canvas for the white top, and Red-Brandt and Sinful Colors Black on Black together for shading. Lastly, I used A Blank Canvas to put my family’s initials on each stocking.
Christmas Stockings

Christmas Stockings

I love that Red-Brandt makes the stockings look almost velvet-y. I know you want some more decoration ideas (haha!) so click the blue frog below:

Since today’s nails were all about the decorations, what decorations do you put up around this time of year? Do you have a set theme or just put up whatever’s around? I’d love for you to let me know in the comments! Until later,
Be Happy and Buy Polish

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