BA Star Lip Pencil Review

*Sample provided to me by company via BrandBacker, for my honest review.
*Photos have not been edited, other than re-sizing and adding my watermark.

Okay ladies, I have for you a truly amazing red lip pencil to show you today. I know, red? It’s so hard to find the right tone of red! Believe me, I’ve searched high and low for one. I prefer a cool-toned red to warm-toned reds, but usually when I find one, it doesn’t last but a minute! Well, I do believe that what I’m going to show you today will impress you as much as it did me!

This is the BA Star Holiday Red Lip Pencil. BA Star is a makeup company that caters to dancers and cheerleaders because of the products’ brightness, and long-lasting products but they should definitely be known outside of that community.
BA Star Holiday Red Lip Pencil

Swatch on my hand. Picture was taken with flash.
BA Star Holiday Red Lip Pencil

I paired this bold & bright lip with toned down makeup, to really make an impact.

Inside, flash:
BA Star Holiday Red Lip Pencil

Inside, flash but with natural sunlight as well:
bastar natural

Up-close at the beginning of the day:
BA Star Holiday Red Lip Pencil

Up-close after 3 hours of wear:
BA Star Holiday Red Lip Pencil

Up-close at the end of the day (approx. 8 hours):
BA Star Holiday Red Lip Pencil

I’m really impressed with the stay power of this. I did have a bit of feathering by the end of the day, but otherwise it was good. (The redness you see on my skin in the above 2 pictures is not from the pencil but from ruddy undertone of my skin.) The pencil also didn’t dry out my lips, so by the end of the day I didn’t feel like my lips were chapped at all. There was also a sweet smell to the pencil, but it was almost not noticeable. (I am pretty sensitive to smells which is probably why I could smell it.) There was just an almost velvety feel/texture to the lips after application.

I’m really excited about these lip pencils and I’m happy to share a code for you for 50% off a purchase! Just use the code “BBLIPS” on (can only be used on full-price items and not in conjunction with other coupons).

What do you think about this red lip o’mine? Do you rock red lips for a glamorous look? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!


8 thoughts on “BA Star Lip Pencil Review

  1. I really like a nice red lipstick but I find that I always end up wearing a nice chocolate/pink lipstick or other neutrals. I think this looks great on you and the lasting power is impressive.

  2. Wow, that is beautiful on you! You can really rock a red lip. Have you ever done a full-on pinup makeup and hair – bc I bet you could pull it off perfectly!!

    I have a hard time with reds – they don’t love me, but I keep trying. I’ll have to get that pencil.

  3. This is a really pretty color on you! I was tempted to get this from BrandBacker but I had such a bad experience with the brand when they had their original eye shadow palette many months ago and the brand never got back to me. Now I’m bummed that I missed this because it’s so pretty!

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