butter LONDON Snog

Good morning! Since it’s been a butter LONDON kind of week, I thought I would continue the theme with a post featuring Snog.

This is a polish I had picked up during one of butter LONDON’s last sales. You might remember that I had featured it earlier this week as part of a manicure with bL’s Inky Six. bL describes this color as a bright, hot pink creme. It is definitely that, but in some lights it almost looks coral. It is a bit on the thin side, but still only took 2 coats for almost full coverage (just a touch of VNL). I tried doing nail art with it, and it’s just too thin for that, in my opinion.

Let’s check it out, okay?
butter LONDON Snog

butter LONDON Snog

Oooohhh, pretty! As you can see from the second picture, my camera had a hard time focusing on it in direct sunlight, it was so bright. I am so happy to have this color in my collection!

Now, I’m off to go do housework that has piled up, then I need to do my manicure and pedicure for a wedding that I am going to tonight. What are your plans?  Until tomorrow,


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