Tri-Polish Challenge: Stripes

Hello all! Here is my second manicure for the Tri-Polish Challenge.

Quick refresher from my first post:

This is from the facebook nail bloggers’ group Crumpet’s Nail Tarts, where you choose 3 polishes from your stash and use them in 4 manicures for a month. You can use neutral colors like white, black, beige to complete your manicure as well. For the month of June, the colors are red, pink, and purple. I chose OPI Diva of Geneva (purple), Color to Diner For (red), and Sparrow Me the Drama (pink) to use in all four manicures.

For this one, I did a stripe of each color on each nail, waited for it to dry; then I applied 3 pieces of striping tape to each nail, and painted OPI Alpine Snow over the striping tape. I took off the striping tape, and viola!

All pictures inside, with flash:
Tri Polish Challenge

Tri Polish Challenge

Tri Polish Challenge

Do I like it? Yes. Do I love it? No, not quite. Since the white is so overwhelming, I think I should have made my stripes wider, to let the colors underneath be more prominent. Oh well! Live and learn! What do you think about it?

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As always,


5 thoughts on “Tri-Polish Challenge: Stripes

    • That’s what I was thinking – a bit of candy canes on my nails. 😛 You must have a ton of swatching to do, but remember what makes you happy about doing your nails, and do that! 🙂

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