Ulta Material Girl

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Remember the sale that Ulta had awhile back – Buy 2, Get 2 Free? Well, I picked up a bunch of polishes when that was going on – I mean, who could resist? Over the next few weeks, I’ll have swatches of the ones I picked up. Today, I have for you my favorite out of the 14 I picked up – Material Girl. This is a gorgeous purple toned holographic. The formula was flawless and easy to apply.

First picture two coats, no top coat; no flash, inside, natural light:
Ulta Material Girl

This is two coats, no top coat; flash, inside:
Ulta Material Girl

Also two coats, no top coat; inside, sunlight, no flash:

Ulta Material Girl

So far, pretty, but nothing special right? Then I put a top coat on. This is inside, flash:
Ulta Material Girl

Inside, no flash, sunlight:
Ulta Material Girl

Deliberately blurred:
Ulta Material Girl

This is such a gorgeous polish, I didn’t want to take it off! The way it sparkled, and even how it looked in the shade, makes it a perfect summer shade. What do you think? As always,


5 thoughts on “Ulta Material Girl

  1. I really like the unfocused picture just because of how pretty the rainbow holo looks. I am definitely going to try some Ulta polishes the next time I see a sale. 🙂

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