Fashion Friday: Nail Fail and Nail Success

Memorial Day weekend was too crazy for me to get Fashion Friday done, so I have it for you today. As the title says, I have a nail fail and nail success to share with you.

First, the bad news aka nail fail. I was trying to copy this:


I was going to do something else on my fingernails, so I made a try for my toenails. Sigh. It just didn’t come out right at all. I used Sinful Colors Snow Me White as a base, then used essie licorice to make the lines. (I’m desperately trying to remember the navy blue that I used, and I can’t. If I remember, I will update the post.) I really really need a very small striping brush to make better lines, because I did these lines using a toothpick. (Another reason I don’t think it came out right.)


And a close-up:

In reality, it wasn’t as see-through as it seems in the close-up. If I’m able to get a small striping brush, I’m going to try doing this on my fingernails and seeing if I have better luck.

Okay, onto the nail success! This is the design I was trying to emulate:


I first wanted to start off with mannequin hands, so I used two coats of OPI Don’t Pretzel My Buttons. P.S. I freaking love this color as a nude base!


Then using a striping brush with essie licorice, I did three vertical lines on each nail, with the center line being shorter than the two side lines. Then I connected the three vertical lines with diagonal lines. Lastly, I used Sephora by OPI’s Only Gold for Me and a toothpick to place gold accents on the points of the lines. The first photo is in natural light, the other two photos are in full sunlight.




Comparison to the inspiration:

I was really happy with how my fingernails turned out, which made me a little more bummed that my toenails weren’t up to my standards, haha! What do you think? What would you have done differently with the pedicure? I will have the last May Challenge up later today, so keep an eye out for that!



4 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: Nail Fail and Nail Success

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