Sinful Colors Pool Side Collection

Good afternoon! Late post for me today, but I was very busy swatching a bunch of polishes earlier, and didn’t get done as soon as I would have liked. I have three colors that I picked up from Sinful Colors’ Pool Side collection: Tidal Wave, Sunburnt, and Rise & Shine. Rise & Shine isn’t a new color, but I loved it so much I had to have it. Tidal Wave and Sunburnt are both new to the U.S. colors. Other colors in this collection are: Why Not (core), Tokyo Pearl (core), Bikini Lines (new), and Endless Blue (core). I almost always get my information from Nouveau Cheap, so if you’ve got any questions, but sure to head to her place. Alright, onto the swatches!

First up is Tidal Wave. This is 3 thin(ner) coats, no undies, and no top coat. First photo with flash, second photo without.



As you can see, even after 3 coats, I still had VNL – not much, but still there. This is a really nice light blue, but I would definitely say this is more for layering. Not my favorite of the three.

Next up is Sunburnt. This is one coat, though I could have probably done another coat. First photo without flash, second with flash.



I really love this color! With the flash, it looks way more pink than it actually is – the picture without flash shows how orange-ish it really is.

Lastly we have my favorite of the bunch, Rise & Shine. This is 2 thin coats. The first two pictures are without top coat, to show how matte the finish is. The first picture is with flash, the second without:



Beautiful, right? But just wait until you see it with top coat! The second and third pictures are with flash:




I mean, goodness gracious! How lovely is this! By far, one of my favorite Sinful Colors polish that I have. I imagine that if you did a coat of R&S, then a coat of clear base glitter, then another coat of R&S, you’d have a really pretty manicure! (Note to self: remember this!)

Have you tried any of the other colors in the Pool Side collection? I’d love to see them – especially Bikini Lines to see if it’s worth buying, or if it’s just another pink.



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