A Cut Above/Disco Biscuit and Glitter-A-Peel

Here’s part one of my review of Nail Pattern Boldness’ Glitter-A-Peel. Products reviewed were purchased by me.

For my second try at using GAP, I made a jelly sandwich with butterLONDON’s Disco Biscuit and essie’s a cut above. This time around though, I was also painting my toenails while I was painting my fingernails, and so there was a little more of dry time on the 1 coat of GAP that I used. I think that helped with wear time this go ’round. The following is 1 coat GAP, 1 coat of essie grow stronger, 1 coat bL Disco Biscuit, 2 coats essie a cut above, 1 coat bL Disco Biscuit, and 2 coats Seche Vite.




If you follow me on facebook, you now know this is the pretty sparkly manicure I was talking about the other day when I said that I hoped the GAP worked this time around. I loved this manicure – the depth of the sparkle and glitter, the shimmery-ness, I just couldn’t stop looking at my hands! Next up, a few pictures of the wear on the tips:



Now this is wear after two baths (one for each kid), my own shower, and various housework duties. My index fingers and thumbs took the most wear. I had this on for approximately a full 24 hours before it started to wear slightly. I could have extended the wear a bit more by perhaps applying SV to the tips.

So, what did I do differently this time around? I waited longer for the GAP to dry than I did last time, and I did a better job of wrapping the tips with polish. I think those two things made a big difference. Here’s a shot of starting the peel-off process:


A few shots of how my nails looked after peeling off polish:



Once again, the edges that still have polish on them is probably where I didn’t apply the GAP evenly enough.

My little pile of peelings:


Once again, I used one cotton pad to clean off my nails, and this is what it looked like when I was done:

My opinion on Glitter-A-Peel? If you see it in stock on Nail Pattern Boldness’ etsy shop, or on llarowe or anywhere else, BUY IT! It’s $8 well spent, for me. This is seriously so easy to peel off – maybe took me 2 minutes tops, from peeling off to cleaning off the extra polish with polish remover. If you’re careful with application, then I would think you could get at least 2 days’ manicure with this, more if you re-applied SV. If you’ve tried Glitter-A-Peel, let me know what you think of it!

As always,



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