Zoya Cola vs NYC Velvet Rope

Products reviewed were purchased by myself.

When I received my blog sale goodies yesterday, as I swatched Zoya Cola, I thought it looked familiar. I checked my swatch wheels, sure enough, there was NYC Velvet Rope, and it looked close on the swatch wheel. Of course, I had to swatch on my fingers to see if they actually were close.

As soon as I swatched them with one coat, I knew they weren’t as close as I thought, but I wanted to see it through to the end.


NYC Velvet Rope on index and ring fingers, Zoya Cola on middle and pinky fingers

As you can see, Zoya Cola is much more of a warm brick or brownish red, and NYC Velvet Rope is much more of a cool blood red. As far as color goes, I like NYC Velvet Rope much better than Zoya Cola. As far as formula goes, I used 3 coats for both – I just was having a lot of streakiness from both polishes, for different reasons. The NYC was a bit thick formula but stained my nails (I didn’t use any base treatments/coats); the Zoya was thin and watery but came off like a dream. I still like the NYC a bit better, even figuring in the cons, because I bought it in a package of two at the Dollar Tree. So, a 50cent win for me!

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6 thoughts on “Zoya Cola vs NYC Velvet Rope

  1. From the flash picture, they don’t look alike at all. I don’t have either of these polishes, but I’m not normally a fan of this type of color. Well, maybe I am…I seem to like everything. lol

    • They really don’t – goes to show how deceiving swatching them on a color wheel can be! I guess I’ve learned my lesson 😛 I’m not really too much of a fan of the Zoya, it’s a bit too brown for me. The other color, I might wear once in awhile. 🙂

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