OPI I Sea You Wear OPI swatch + review

Purchased by Me buttonOPI is one of my favorite brands and I’m super happy to show you a new one to me! Awhile back, I was in the salon inside Wal-mart and spotted OPI I Sea You Wear OPI…I was surprised because I hadn’t seen this polish literally anywhere else in my town – I guess it was just a popular shade this summer!

OPI I Sea You Wear OPI | Be Happy And Buy Polish

I Sea You Wear OPI is a blue turquoise shimmery nail polish that is fairly sheer.

OPI I Sea You Wear OPI sun photo | Be Happy And Buy Polish

I used 3 thin coats plus top coat here. It also is pretty streaky and uneven. :(

OPI I Sea You Wear OPI shade photo | Be Happy And Buy Polish

In the shade, you can kind of see the slight purple-y shift at the edges.

OPI I Sea You Wear OPI over OPI Black Onyx | Be Happy And Buy Polish

To be honest, I was a little disappointed in how this looked by itself, so I layered it over OPI Black Onyx.

OPI I Sea You Wear OPI over OPI Black Onyx sun photo | Be Happy And Buy Polish

This is 1 coat over Black Onyx (2 coats). I really enjoy how this looks over black, rather than by itself.

OPI I Sea You Wear OPI over OPI Black Onyx shade photo | Be Happy And Buy Polish

It still is a bit streaky, but it isn’t as bad when it’s layered over another polish. I’m glad I ended up purchasing this, as it is a pretty polish, but I wish the purple shift came out more and it wasn’t so streaky. What do you think?


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WingDust nail polishes swatches + review

Purchased by Me buttonHappy Wednesday to you! Today I have a new-to-me indie brand: WingDust. I’ve looked at their polishes for what seems like forever, and when llarowe was running a sale a long while back, I picked up Nothin’ But Blue Skies, Snacks Time, and Imagine Me N’ You.

WingDust Nothin' But Blue Skies | Be Happy And Buy Polish

WingDust Nothin' But Blue Skies macro | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Nothin’ But Blue Skies is a periwinkle blue polish with silvery shimmer and glitters, circle and hexes in mint green, light blue, dark blue, and silver. This is 3 coats plus top coat.

WingDust Snacks Time | Be Happy And Buy Polish

WingDust Snacks Time macro | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Snacks Time is a sheer mint green polish with blue shimmer and glitters and hexes in light blue-green, yellow, white, teal-blue, and yellow stars and teal-blue triangles. I didn’t have much luck getting the shaped glitters out of the bottle and onto the nail. This is 3 coats plus top coat.

WingDust Imagine Me N' You | Be Happy And Buy Polish

WingDust Imagine me n' you macro | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Imagine Me N’ You is my favorite of the bunch! It is a lavender blue base nail polish with silver shimmer, and green, purple, blue hexes and circles. This is 3 coats plus top coat.

Overall, I like the polishes but I found all three to be more sheer for my taste than I usually prefer. Now that I know better, I’ll be layering these over a similarly colored base when I use them again.

Do you have any WingDust polishes? Any recommendations?


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Guest Post From Manis & Makeovers: Sparkly Manicure with Indie Polishes

Good morning all! Today I’m welcoming Lothwen from Manis & Makeovers – she’s created something really sparkly and lovely so be sure to keep reading. 

Hello lovelies!

I’m Lothwen from Manis & Makeovers and I’m very honoured to be guest posting here for Jessica! I hope everything is going well with her and the baby! Babies are awesome :D
I concocted a mani for which I used three different indie polish brands. These days with all the MNP drama going on, I want to emphasize the fact that this is an isolated incident and that other indie brands should not be mistrusted! So I used three of my faves: Ms. Sparkle, My Indie Polish and Incidental Twin Nail Polish!
I started off with a base of My Indie Polish “Sadness”, a gorgeous lilac sparkling holo.
Then I created stamping decals, using Born Pretty Store BP-L027 and Incidental Twin’s Squeeze Pop collection, a set of awesome jellies that are perfect for all kinds of nail art, like I did here! I used Red, Blue, Violet and Indigo flavours.
On my index and pinky I created a gradient with Ms. Sparkle’s Sheer O’Magic jellies, which contain Nfu-Oh like colour shifting flakies! To finish it off, I dotted some black at the base of these nails.
What do you think of these? I hope you like them! And I wish Jessica and her husband lots of happiness with the newest addition to their family!

Thank you, Lothwen! I adore this super sparkly look, just what’s needed today. :) Indie polishes are just awesome, and you’ve certainly proved it. Please leave Lothwen a comment letting her know what you think!

Digital Nails Colovaria and the BBC Weekly Roundup

Purchased by Me buttonIt’s another happy Sunday and I have a beautiful thermal polish to show you: Digital Nails Colovaria.

Digital Nails Colovaria | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Colovaria is a polish I picked up this summer. I’ve been trying to branch out into different kinds of finishes and thermals is one finish that is lacking in my collection. This is a white to pink thermal, and the base has a green shimmer.

Digital Nails Colovaria hot state | Be Happy And Buy Polish

This is in its hot state, and to be honest, it went even lighter colored the longer I wore it. I think the day I had it on, it was close to 100 degrees! So this definitely doesn’t show the full extent of the shift.

Digital Nails Colovaria cold state | Be Happy And Buy Polish

This is in its cold(ish) state, and because of the 100 degree weather, I had my fair share of trouble trying to show the darker pink! This is my hand right out of the very cold swimming pool water and because it was so hot, my nails warmed up rather fast. LOL!

Well, I’ll still try out thermals, not sure if I’ll keep trying to take pictures of them! :P Now, though, I want to see what the Beauty Blog Coalition members have been up to this week:

Guest Post From Lavish Layerings: Distressed Manicure with Zoya

Good morning all! I hope you are looking forward to the weekend! Today I have another guest post, this time by Jenny from Lavish Layerings. She is a total sweetheart and I am very excited to show you what she’s done today. P.S. She totally made me cry! 

Hi everyone! I’m Jenny from Lavish Layerings (or you might know me as @bostonmerlin10 on Instagram), and I’m honored to be guest posting for Jessica today! Let me tell you, I can’t say enough good things about Jessica. Not only are her nails and blog fabulous, but she is one of the most kind and supportive people that I know when it comes to uplifting and promoting bloggers in the nail community. She works so hard on various projects which increase engagement within the community and I really respect and admire all that she does.

On Jessica’s blog, she is always trying new nail art techniques and I think that she makes them very approachable to her readers. One of the things she does most often is tries techniques out in skittlette manicures (which I LOVE to do) and this makes a new technique seem less daunting when you only have to do it on one or two nails and it still gives a stunning finished look. She makes nail art seem effortless, and I know that always makes me want to try it because I’m often pressed for time or just plain intimidated by some of the techniques out there. Today, I decided to share with you guys my favorite effortless nail art technique, the dry brush or distressed mani.

For my look, I started out with a plain white base (I used KBShimmer Eyes White Open). I selected a few recently released Zoya cremes from their Island Fun and Focus Collections. I used Cecelia (teal), Sia (blue), and Lidia
(purple) to create my distressed look. There is absolutely nothing to this technique. All you do is start with your first color and wipe off the brush WELL on the lip of the bottle. You want to wipe it until the brush basically looks dry, so it will take several swipes. Then, you just drag the brush down your nail in random streaks. Repeat with the remaining colors and you have yourself a distressed look. Finish off with topcoat and you are done!

Now, in the original distressed mani tutorial by Chalkboard Nails (which is much better articulated than my description), you finish off the distressed look with streaks of black polish which really gives it a grungy vibe. You can definitely do that if you want, and I often do, but I really loved this one without the black. It just has sort of an abstract look. The colors look so pretty together too!

Pro Tip: If you happen to not wipe your brush off well enough and you get a thick swipe of polish instead of the nice broken look we are going for, just dip a nail art brush in acetone and lightly swipe over the area with too much polish. It will work like a charm to take that extra polish of and it will give you the brushstrokey look you are going for.

Thank you guys so much for having me today and I’m wishing Jessica all of the best with her bundle of joy! Much love and prayers for a smooth delivery and healthy baby!

Jenny, thank you so much for this beautiful look! You honor me by doing this manicure and yes, you did make me cry…See, I told you that Jenny is a total sweetheart! Please leave a comment for Jenny and let her know what you think. :) 

Pretty & Polished Come On Baby Light My Firecracker

Purchased by Me buttonHi everyone! How was your September? I can hardly believe it just zoomed by, you know? It’s easy to forget what day it is when you have a newborn around though. :P But today, let’s check out a gorgeous polish from Pretty & Polished: Come On Baby Light My Firecracker.

Pretty & Polished Come On Baby Light My Firecracker lightbox photo | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Pretty & Polished Come On Baby Light My Firecracker macro | Be Happy And Buy Polish

COBLMF is a gorgeous pink toned holographic nail polish with red-pink iridescent glitters. This is 3 thin coats plus top coat.

Pretty & Polished Come On Baby Light My Firecracker | Be Happy And Buy Polish

I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about those red glitters thrown in, but I really like how it ends up making the polish look on the nail. Plus, can you see how beautiful the holographic effect is, even inside?

Pretty & Polished Come On Baby Light My Firecracker sun photo | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Pretty & Polished Come On Baby Light My Firecracker sun photo macro | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Outside, of course, you can definitely see the flame of the holographic effect. And it is STUNNING! Woohoo! The only bad part is that this is a stainer of a polish. :( I know, right?! It’s such a bummer. I did use 2 coats of base coat and still had staining over the course of the 4 days (or so) that I wore it. So, be prepared to scrub away stain-age after you wear this!

Let me know your thoughts on this beauty – would you still wear it and risk the staining?


Guest Post From Procrastinails: Sea Turtle Nail Art

Good morning all! Today’s guest post comes to you from Katherine at Procrastinails (I friggin’ love that blog name!). I’ve known Katherine for quite some time in the nail community, and she is one of the sweetest and nicest bloggers. I’m so glad to have her here today!

Turtle stamping nail are with Essie and Konad

Hello dolls! Super pumped today to be writing a guest post for the lovely Jessica! I’m Katherine from ProcrastiNails and I’ve known Jessica for a while now. When I saw she was looking for some guest posters I jumped at the chance and put something together. What I ended up with was this fun and tropical sea turtle look!

Turquoise jellyfish and turtle nail art

I’ll be 100% honest with you and say this isn’t at all what I was planning to put on my digits when I sat down to play around. But that’s okay because I love it! I think I may have been unknowingly influenced by my background-noise movie of choice at the time (the newer and… very interesting… TMNT movie)…

To start I applied a coat of Essie Bell-Bottom Blues and then added some large random dots with Essie White Page and then dry brushed over them with more white to smear them along the nail. When I applied a layer of Essie Pen & Inky I was left with what I think looks like a school of jellyfish! AWESOME! If I was to add technical nail art terms I guess my base would be a single-layer pond mani with dotted dry brushing? Humm.

To finish it off I did some stamping with Konad White and some turtles from MoYou London Sailor Plate 10!

Macro picture of my dry-brush dotting and pond mani jellyfish

Here’s a closer look at my impromptu jellies! Do turtles eat jellyfish? I think they do! So maybe I should’ve called theses nails “Feeding Time”! (Is that as cheesy to read as it felt to write? Haha.)

Sea turtle nail art with stamping and dry brushing

Overall I’m super pleased with how these turned out, and I would once again like to thank Jessica for hosting me. :) It was fun!

Let me know what you think about my turtles! And if you want you can also check me out on tumblr, facebook, instagram and twitter! :) Thanks for checking my guest post out!


Are you kidding me with this? Isn’t this just freakin’ awesome?! Thank you, Katherine! Please let Katherine know what you think of this in the comments below, I’m sure she’d appreciate it. :)